14 September 2018

Privacy Policy

This website is run by Internet Society France, on servers run by OVH. It is based on the WordPress CMS.

What data do we collect ?

If you are a simple visitor, then OVH, our host, collects some data (IP address and some technical information like the requests sent to the server). This data is retained for about a year because, while it is currently being challenged in front of courts, there are legal obligations to collect and retain such data in France (for more information, see articles L 34-1 and R 10-13 of the French Codes des postes et des communications, as well as information on data retention in general on La Quadrature du Net’s website). This collection of data is based on OVH’s legitimate interest to ensure the security of their IT system, as well as on this regretful legal obligation.

If you choose to register for the conference, we collect your name and e-mail address. This data will be deleted the day after the conference. Such data is only collected with your informed consent.

Note that registration is optional. If you are unregistered, however, then registered people will have priority if the venue is full and we have to refuse access for security reasons.

Who can see/access your data?

The list of registered participants will only be made available to the staff of the event on the day of the conference, and will serve no other purpose. The webmaster of this website (Julien Rossi) also has access to this data, due to the way the software handling the registration process works (called Event Espresso, an add-on for WordPress).

OVH and the webmaster have access to the logs, but frankly speaking, we have no reason to have any access to it at any time. So basically, only the security team at OVH (our host) has any use for it. This data will not be linked to any other data, nor be re-identified, unless it happens in the case of a criminal investigation (for example, if we are the victims of some cyberattack).

Yours rights

It would be quite ludicrous to have conferences on privacy while at the same time forgetting about complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation 2016/679/EU). So we try to stick as close to it as possible.

You may at any moment ask to access your data, rectify any wrong information, withdraw your consent, get a copy of your data, or oppose the collection of your data by writing to the webmaster at : julien DOT rossi AT univ-rennes2 DOT fr .

Should you notice any weird…

We haven’t installed any trackers, we don’t write cookies on your computer (except session cookies if you have an account called PHPSESSID). OVH installs load-balancing cookies : 720planBAK and 720plan), but this should be it.

If you notice any other cookie, tracking pixels, weird stuff, stuff missing from this privacy policy, please write to julien DOT rossi AT univ-rennes2 DOT fr so this can be corrected as soon as possible.

If you help us fix something, and you join us at the conference, we can buy you some real life cookies to express our thanks 🙂

For more information …

For further information, or in order to lodge an official complaint, you can visit the website of the French Data Protection Authority (www.cnil.fr).