21 February 2019


This page contains all the presentations, papers, videos and any other materials speakers have agreed to share, following the conference.

This page is still work in progress, but will be updated regularly. Stay tuned for new materials!

Panel 1: Surveillance and Resilience, Relationships, Dynamics and Consequences

  • Presentation by Richard Jones, Charles Raab & Iván Székely: Presentation on Surveillance and Resilience
  • Other relevant publications by the speakers of this panel:
    • Raab C.D., Jones R., Székely I., 2015, « Surveillance and Resilience in Theory and Practice », Media and Communication, 3, 2, p. 21.
    • Jones R., Raab C., Székely I., 2018, « Surveillance and resilience: Relationships, dynamics, and consequences », Democracy and Security, p. 1‑38.
  • Notes of comments by Mareile Kaufman: Comments on Raab et al

Panel 2: Surveillance and Resilience on the Ground in Post-Dictatorial Societies

Keynote by Harry Halpin on NEXTLEAP: Results from the First Large-Scale Integration of Anti-Surveillance Technology, STS, and Philosophy

Panel 3: Cybersecurity/Privacy Audit, Certification and Standardisation: Tools for Privacy Resilience?

Panel 4: Decentralised Systems: From General Principles to User-Centric Design